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Mandarin Mastery Begins Here

Empower your future with fluent Mandarin skills, unlocking a world of opportunities and connections.  Whether your motivation is business, personal interest, or building connections within diverse cultural backgrounds, our school is the perfect destination for mastering the Chinese language.

Elevate Your World, Empower Your Mind:
Learn Mandarin with Us.

Chinese is a globally essential language, especially in the business realm. At TCML-Chicago, our programs cater to adults, offering a meticulously tailored curriculum designed for aspiring Mandarin learners, with a strong emphasis on developing conversational skills. Our curriculum integrates a vital cultural element, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.


Our Learning Center

Chinese Learning Environment You Will Love


Experienced Native Instructors

Access to experienced, certified native Chinese instructors who not only possess strong language proficiency but also bring cultural insights, ensuring an authentic and immersive learning environment.


Customized Learning Paths

Tailored learning paths to accommodate different proficiency levels, allowing students to progress at their own pace and focus on areas that align with their specific learning goals and interests.


Schedule Flexibility

Flexible in-person and online class schedules to accommodate diverse student needs, allowing learners to balance their Chinese language studies with other commitments.


Cultural Integration Programs

Integrated cultural programs that go beyond language instruction, providing students with a deeper understanding of traditions, and social norms, enhancing their overall language proficiency.

Group discussion
“Choosing this TCML Chicago was the best decision! The instructors are patient and make learning Mandarin so enjoyable. I never thought I'd progress so quickly and confidently. Highly recommended!”

Emma Y.

Choose a session that fits your busy schedule...

Online Class

Tuesday, 7 PM CST (starting on 1/30/24)

Wednesday, 7 PM CST (starting on 1/31/24)

In-person Class

Sunday, 2 PM CST (starting on 1/28/24)

Tuition: $220

In-person location: Kennedy Jr. High School (2929 Green Trails Dr., Lisle, IL 60532)

* Refer a new student to receive a $30 referral check.

Let's Talk

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Executive Business Chinese Lessons

Our one-on-one business curriculum focuses on essential language used in the business world..  It covers the modern business topics and will expose students the current business practices and etiquette.

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